Win Goes to ELBI

I'm not like my fellow batch mates who made it their yearly mission to visit ELBI  - I remember the last time I was there I felt kind of detached, probably because majority of the people I saw were already strangers to me. I always think that its the people that makes a place memorable. Since everyone I know were already gone - I just felt like it wasn't my place anymore. I'm not sure if my sentiments are shared by the rest, though. Maybe its just me. Yeah, I know a bunch of them who are currently residing in ELBI and have found work there.

But still - ELBI is ELBI. No matter how much my life has changed, it will always hold a special place in my heart. I learned a lot during those 5 years - not just academically. ELBI taught me to be independent and resourceful. It was also the beginning of my "exploration" back then haha. I will always think of it with fondness - a big part of who I was and a big contributor to who I am today.

If my calculations are correct (which usually aren't - so haha), my last visit was 7 years ago. And oh boy did it changed! I mean - wtf are these buildings? LOL.

A lot of establishments that have a new facade, location or were not there before: 

There's even a CENTRO mall along grove now, can you believe it? 

I took the time to visit my old dormitory, too bad I wasn't able to see our landlady, I really wanted to see her! Although I know she doesn't really come in during weekends. I was hoping to show Win where I used to sleep, hehe.: 

It didn't had those block fence before, and the paint used to be pink!

I know deep down, people who graduated here wish everything would stay the same as their time. But it's stupid to think that it would. In 5 years time I know it will change drastically again - evolving, developing, improving. It's just the way of the world -and just how everyone who's been here should too. 


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