A Day In The Life Of Win

You know what they say about parenthood: The days are long but the years short.

This coming school year Win will be entering Junior Nursery in a preschool inside UP. Gosh where did Time went??!! It seems just like yesterday when she was just a helpless little baby! I'm pretty ecstatic about it, but nervous too - just like any typical mom who's got a child entering school would feel like, I suppose. Will she get along with her classmates? Will she eat properly? Will she be able to grasp the lessons?

Worries aside - My only hope is that she enjoys school, learning and everything that goes with it. I enjoyed mine, you see. School for me back then was an escape from boredom that was my home. Haha. I never really go out to hang with neighbor friends (when I was a kid my mom would always reprimand me when I go out and play, so I stayed inside until I grew up haha), and we were too poor for my parents to be able to sign me up for summer activities like swimming, art class etc. We were even too poor to have that trips outside the city.  School was the only place where I had friends and had things to do. BUT I don't want Win to like school for those sad personal reasons I just stated haha, I'd want her to enjoy it for her own, less depressing reasons.

For me to remember this carefree moment - the days before the stress of school comes in - here's a video I made documenting a day in her life. You've got a long way to go, kiddo. Haha.



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