Win Conversation: Shoe Dilemma

Win is such a funny kid. Seriously. Haha.  Plus she talks a lot. And with a lot - I mean A LOT.  This is a surprise since I wasn't chatty when I was a kid - in fact, I was a very shy child back then. But my husband often say that she got her way of reasoning after me, you know - comments that are sometimes irrelevant and blunt but with such indignation, you can't help but believe in it too haha.  Anyway,  I've been posting some of our conversations in her facebook page, but I think I'll move it here just so I can better document it.

We were inside a shoe store earlier waiting for Daddy to finish buying a new pair of slippers. Win and I were just playing with the toys there (the shoe store has some sort of play corner which was located beside the kid's shoe section, aimed to lure kids - and parents indirectly - at that area).   I stood up and checked out the kid's shoe selection - whoa most of them are 50% off! -picked a blue one and asked Win if she liked it. She nodded, stood up and went towards to where I was. She began checking out the other shoes for a moment - and then she said:
W: "Mommy, ouch!!"
M: "Bakit?" (Why?)
W: "Ang sakit ng shoes ko!" (My shoes hurt!)
M: "Wow ha, masakit na bigla shoes mo!" (Wow, all of a sudden your shoes hurt!)
W: *Nods* "Chaka dumi na kasi shoes ko o, di mo kasi nililinis" (Plus, look my shoes are dirty because you don't clean it)

Her father and the saleslady nearby burst out laughing. Haha. So I guess I really need to buy her that new pair of shoes, didn't I?

I was not really planning to buy anything, but I'm letting this one pass because it was just too funny! Hay Win. If you go down my path, one thing's for sure: your mouth will get you into trouble one way or another. Hahahaahah.


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