2016 was a blast!

I've been reading a lot of posts about how bad 2016 was for them. Personally, I can't relate. This year has been so awesome for me:

Professional - I have often complained how heavy my workload was this year, but if I really think about it - the busyness was actually a good thing for a freelancer like me.  I may have even lost or turned down some clients along the way, but that's only because I've been more selective. I am finally in a position wherein I am comfortable enough to choose - unlike before when I tend to accept everything just for the sake of having continuous work. Income has been really great as well - even better than my corporate days.

Travel - We've travelled to different destinations and tried a lot of new restaurants this year!  The only problem was I was too busy to actually sit down and do posts for each. Hopefully, I can change that next year and make better use of this domain space. hehe.

Bolinao, July
Bohol, August
Coron, November
Enchanted December, posted this because Win was so into that roller coaster ride (which she rode 4x!) 
Forget about the restaurants, it will take me ages to upload everything here. 

Health - Just a few colds, cough and fever, but no major sickness in my family.  As you get older, you get to appreciate this one, really. I've also jumpstarted my so-called "Fit at 30" journey a few weeks back - squeezed regular workouts and been eating mindfully. This holiday season has been pretty bad though - diet wise haha, I think I already cancelled out all my hard work lol. I'll jump back in again after the new year celebrations...I still have 6 months til July.

Friends - Now that I can leave Win for longer periods of time, I finally managed to catch up with my long-time friends. I haven't seen anyone for almost three years, so it felt great to be able to see some of them again.
with Lucille, Dec 19 
with my college buddies, Dec 26
with Joyce, Dec 28

Here's hoping that 2107 will also be as good, even better, than 2016! I'm already claiming it - Universe be good to me!!!!


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