Coron, Palawan 2016

Coron is still as beautiful as the last time I saw it. However, there are more tourists now as compared before (even on a weekday) and the "tour" has become too mainstreamed and more automized. I think that's one downside of a booming tourism -you tend to lose that special, personal touch in favor of accommodating more tourist clients and receiving more money.

But like what I said, it's still beautiful. My husband was so enthralled with Coron's beauty, he now wants to go to Siargao for a similar experience. Haha I think I have finally influenced him to lead a wandering life, LOL. That's a big feat since he was never really into traveling before.

This trip was also my daughter's second plane trip, the first one was last August in Bohol. She's truly a water baby - couldn't get enough of swimming and playing with sand. I hope she grows up wanting to see the world too.

I'm definitely planning more trips next year, just waiting for seat sale. Haha.

Sorry for the short post, I've been writing articles the whole day for my freelance client. If I ever find energy later on, I'll edit this one and give more details.


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