Life and Death

One of my Facebook friends revealed she's battling cancer.  We were never really close, but still, her public revelation shocked me.

I think this is my first, "closer", brush with the big C. I have no immediate relative who's had one, maybe there are some distant cases that I'm not aware of, but I think its safe to conclude we're not too genetically predisposed.  The problem with my family is we are more likely to live way, way too long (my great grandmother just actually passed away a year ago -  one of the very few deaths I've experienced in my life so far).  I refer to it as a problem since I myself don't want to live to the point that I can no longer wipe my own ass. I would prefer a quick death with no embarrassing, excruciating pain, hopefully. 


Don't get me wrong - I don't have an issue with death.  All of us are headed that way anyway right?  It's just a matter of who's going first. My only concern is that my daughter is still way too young. So God, if you're planning anything deadly up there, expect that I'll be fighting tooth and nail. Not for me, but for my daughter. I guess being a parent changes everything. You start to fear things that you never really find scary before - like death, for instance. 

Sigh, life's unpredictability.  All we can really do is live it up and appreciate our still beating hearts. 


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