Win The Baker

My house help's MIA again - what's new. Instead of sulking around and complaining about how I won't be able to work for the day, I decided to have another baking session with Win. I thought might as well enjoy this "free" day with my daughter, right?

The first baking session we had months back, we made calamansi muffins. I took pictures but just don't have the energy to look for it right now. hehe. Today I decided to make focaccia bread. Win's into clay as of the moment so I know she'll have a good time kneading the bread dough.

Baking with a toddler is MESSY. It's to be expected. There are a few moments that I had to keep myself from losing it. The mess was just UNBELIEVABLE, but I needed to remind myself to just let her do her thing - yep - even if it means I will be cleaning up tons afterwards. It's always a delight doing these kind of stuff with my daughter. She didn't even mind when I made her wear her cupcake head dress so she can dress the part. Haha. Just look at her! So into it:

All in all our second baking session was a success! The focaccia tasted awesome, though I still need to figure out how I can make the bread lighter and airier. Maybe longer dough proofing next time.

Chalking up yet another precious memory in my memory bank! 


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