Win's Summer Escapade 2015

The problem with my motivation is that it comes and goes. Especially now that I'm a mother, I would rather spend my free time playing with my daughter, sleeping,or getting around doing those pending household chores - which is why this blog's been sitting for almost three months with no new updates. What's more. my XX- old trusted camera has finally given up on me, after years of faithful service. What's the point of featuring a new restaurant if I have no photos to show. Pfft. But with my declining memory, narrating my family's experiences is crucial. I'm just 27 but I swear I'm becoming senile. Haha. I need to write everything down, and I'll do it now before I start forgetting those sweet little details.

It's a bit tricky lugging a restless toddler for such a long out of town trip, in our case that day - Batangas. Aside from bringing a bunch of toys and food, we made it a point to make several stops to let Win walk her extra energy off. Trust me, the last thing you want to happen in a long car trip is to try pacifying a cooped-up energetic kid with you.  So here's Win when we stopped at a gas station before reaching Tagaytay:

When we reached Tagaytay, we decided to stop by at Bag of Beans to grab a bite. We stayed there for a while to tire Win out so we can resume the rest of the drive while she took her daily midmorning nap.

We reached Matabungkay still pretty early,  around 11am, and have to wait since the hotel's check-in policy is at 2pm.  While waiting, we roamed around the vicinity and ate lunch at their restaurant. The food prices were a bit steep, as to be expected with resort food, but at least they have huge servings. An order of food which usually costs about 300-400 can already feed 2-3 person. Fair enough. Food's delicious too so I'm not complaining.

Of all the places we've stayed in, our room at Coral Beach Club is probably my favorite. It was huge, very clean, got lots of seating area,  lots of power outlets (yey!), lots of pillows and towels (- by default, you don't have to request for extra!). They say food is not allowed but they are not strict about it at all, we were even able to bring in my husband's mountaineering cookset so we were able to cook a decent breakfast the morning after. Our room also has an awesome view of the beach. If only it has a huge flat screen tv and decent cable, it would have been perfect.

I wasn't a big fan of the beach itself since the shore has a few garbage floating around. We weren't able to spend a lot of time by the beach too because Win wasn't too fond of the sand's texture. Actually she hates anything that feels weird on the feet like dirt, fuzzy carpet and grass. I think its the tickling sensation that she doesn't like. Haha. I'll just wait until she grows out of it. Good thing the resort we stayed in has a pool and jacuzzi. Win loves pools.

The next day, we scheduled a boat ride to take us fish feeding. Win was so amazed when she saw the fishes scurrying around to take the bread from our hands. She even took a piece of bread and hurled it into the sea.

After that activity, I started to pack our stuff up while my husband and daughter stayed by the pool. Packing light is virtually impossible with a toddler in tow, so I guess I'll be spending lots more time packing and unpacking from now on. Hehe. 

Before going back to Manila we stopped by Tagaytay again to have a Bulalo lunch.

Before I used to think that trips like these are super corny. I never understood why many parents dig cliche activities like going to a nearby beach, park, zoo, timezone etc. Now that I have a toddler I find myself wanting to do such things. You have no idea how exciting these simple things are for a kid. I love seeing Win's face lit up whenever she sees a pool, a carousel or even those car coin rides you see at the mall. Haha. Call me corny now, but I just love seeing my daughter amazed and excited with the world around her.


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