Straight from the heart

My husband always asks why I don't blog about him. Haha.

It's not that I don't have anything to say about my husband. On the contrary, it's the enormity of how much he means to me that hinders me. I'm not sure if I can bring justice to it all, to write something that will even begin to explain how much I love him.

But since Valentines has passed and I wasn't able to get him any gift (haha), I'll give it a try.

Wilbert came into my life a few years ago. I knew he liked me then, hahahahaah, but I wasn't matured enough to accept that kind of love. I was still caught up with a lot of things and I know now that if we ever played out that early, I wouldn't have been able to handle it. It was the time of my life that I was practically in the dark, very foolish and careless. Thinking about it now, I don't regret that we didn't happen early on. It gave me enough time to mature and get my act together. I know for sure that when Wilbert and I finally came together, I was ready. I was ready for him, and when our daughter came, I was ready for her too.

I can describe my husband as a steady love. I've never had that before. With him, I learned that love doesn't always have to be complicated, volatile and full of drama. There is a love that can be found in calmness and tranquility, and that is exactly what Wilbert's love is. He accepted me for who I was, accepts me for who I am now, and for sure he will embrace me for whoever I will become. I know I can be crazy at times (maybe all the time, heheh), but he never made me feel stupid. I admit I make wrong decisions, but he never made me feel like a failure. He is always there to support me and even fix some (ok, maybe a lot) of my problems. hehe.  He keeps me calm and puts me back in the right state of mind. He is my logic and common sense, God knew I needed that. hahaha. He is more than my partner - he is my rock.

I hope our daughter will choose a partner who is exactly like her father. If that happens, I can say I raised her well, and I can die happy.


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