Celebrating Mom's 51st the Lorenzo's Way

I know  it doesn't look like it, my mom just turned 51 today!
Time really flies fast. We sometimes get so involved with our own lives that we tend to forget the fact that our parents are getting older too. Aside from our current family dilemma, my mom's birthday served as a reminder for me to appreciate my family members more. Life is short to hold grudges on anyone or anything, we really should spend more time loving the people around us.

As usual, my birthday gift to her was a restaurant treat. We originally wanted to try Mesa in Greenbelt, but there were a lot of people dining that time so we decided to go to the restaurant next to it, which was Lorenzo's Way. Funny thing was I mistook it for Sentro, I even got frustrated when I wasn't able to see the Sinigang na Corned Beef on the menu. How stupid can a restaurant be for removing one of their best-sellers?  hehe. It took  me few minutes to realize that Lorenzo's Way was a totally different restaurant. They didn't even belong to the same group. Sentro is from the 1771 Group of Restaurants( Chateau, Winebar, Sidebar and the Lounge)  while Lorenzo's Way is owned by the LJC group ( Abe, Fely J's, Bistro Burgos etc).

I did a bit of researching and found out that Lorenzo's Way was created to showcase the best of the best of all LJC restaurants. I guess this makes it easier for hard-core food enthusiasts, just get everything on the menu in order to taste everything LJC has to offer. Personally, I wouldn't advice on it. All of the items are quite steep when it comes to price and has an additional 10% service charge.


Onion Soup Gratinee (P160 +10% service charge) Larry-style onion soup with gruyere and crusty bread au gratin

Pinakbet Magalang (P275+10%SC) Sauteed vegetables with shrimp paste, from Abe Restaurant

Paella Valenciana (595+10%SC) Seafood and meat done the classic Spanish way, from Mil Novicientos

Bangus Belly with Kangkong Balachian (365+10%SC) Fried Milkfish belly and crispy fried glass noodles topped with Malaysian-inspired sauteed water-spinach and fermented shrimp paste- from Larry's Bar
I said it before and I'll say it again: I hate service charges! And isn't it a bit too much to charge it on every item in the menu? Ok ok don't mind me. The frugal side of me just cannot accept this way of pricing.

On the other hand, I did enjoy the paella tremendously. The rice was perfectly cooked, each grain infused with all the meat and seafood goodness. Soup was good but not totally unforgettable. The Bangus belly was a bit weird since I'm not used to having shrimp paste on my noodles. As for the pakbet, my mom said it had more than the acceptable amount onion and eggplant as she would have preferred. Parang Makati Med Floating Resto's Kare-Kareng Sitaw - er- vegetables lang. LOL. 

All in all, Lorenzo's Way is -hm - just right. We went to Bizu for dessert so I cannot vouch for their Banana Chocolate Volcano and Blueberry Custard. I would go back for the paella alone. Maybe the other menu items have more omph, I just couldn't afford paying another 10% service charge.


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