PS, I Love You

Remember I got this whole June Listography thing going on? It's going pretty well actually. I've been working out regularly this month - even adding badminton to my usual running and NTC workout regimen,  finished reading a book as well as listened to a new music album.

The next on my list was to cry while watching a movie. I've been searching for the past couple of days THE perfect tearjerker film. Of course it should be something I've never seen before, for obvious reasons. And oh, dog flicks I decided are disqualified, since we all know I adore dogs and making me watch a movie about a dying dog (sorry, Old Yeller) is already a surefire way to make me howl in misery.

I initially downloaded the animated feature Grave of the Fireflies after asking Google for help, but I got bored halfway so I stopped watching it. It was then when my sister suggested PS I Love You. My mom heard it and said, "Yung kay Sharon Cuneta at Gabby Concepcion?" Haha.

For everyone's information, it wasn't THAT movie, so feel safe to read on. hehe.

"Sino bida?" was my first question. When my sister said it was Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank, I automatically imagined the movie to be 300-esque cum Million dollar baby, hihih. My sister assured me it was worth it and after finishing the film, I couldn't agree more!! I just can't stop raving about this one. You see, I  have this ability (ehem ehem) to predict the possible ending of a movie I'm watching or a book I'm reading, and I do pride myself for being clairvoyant about those kind of things. haha (Yes, I'm a big spoiler to the people around me), but this movie just surprised the hell out of me. I honest-to-goodness thought I had this movie ending to the nail, but ohhhh boy was I wrong!

I'll stop raving and  give you guys a bit of information. PS I Love You is a story about a woman - Holly - who finds herself lost and devastated when her husband of 9 years - Gerry - dies of a brain tumor. On her 30th birthday, she surprisingly receives a cake and recorder from no other than her deceased husband. In the recording, He told her he knew that she will succumb to depression the moment he was gone, so he had prepared a series of letters prior to his death, to be sent out to her strategically within the next few months.

Some of the letters have instructions on activities Holly should subject herself into doing, from simple things like buying a bedside lamp, going to karaoke night (where they have a shared memory together) to totally crazy stuff such as traveling to Ireland where they first met. As what was expected, the letters and activities Gerry prepared for Holly made her move on with the heartache of losing her beloved husband.

Two things in the end part that completely caught me off-guard, and the reasons why I adore this film (please stop reading if you plan to watch it too) :

a. Holly was seeing a guy she met during her husband's funeral. I thought that they will get together in the end, because let's admit it, chick flicks are always like that right? And the story line helped in establishing the growing relationship between Holly and that guy. Holly's main issue was she just can't let Gerry's memory go, but after receiving Gerry's last letter telling her that its time for her to love again, she goes to see this guy to tell him she's finally willing to have a relationship with him. End of the story? Wrong.
They kissed (a typical scene that marks the end of a chick flick) - only to realize that something didn't felt right. After that they just shake hands and decided to stay friends. I was left dumbfounded right there. Now what?

b. Holly decided to return to Ireland with her mother (who also has her own story line - just watch the film for you to find out). She then again sees the guy whom she had a one night-stand with (who turned out to be Gerry's childhood best friend) during the trip Gerry prepared for her earlier in the film. So that's the happy-ending guy? Maybe. :) We will never know since the movie ended right there. That's what I loved about this film! It didn't rely on the typical female-ends-up-with-male-finally-everything-is-alright-happy-ending! It's the fact that Holly finally decided to abandon her fear of falling in love that just got me. And its not just about love, thru Gerry's letter journey she was reminded of the passion she once had, and had gained the confidence to discover what she truly wanted in her life. Now that's what I call happy ending. :)

This movie is a certified tearjerker, mixed with humor. I was wiping my tears for a few minutes, laughing the next moment, then crying again. Totally crazy. hehe. And this movie made me crave some irish flavor too:

I'm not usually attracted to this type of male species (he's irish in the movie so let's assume he's irish in real life, haha). This movie screwed something inside my head, because I even find Gerard Butler and his accent a bit cute now. :o


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