Under the Persian Sun

I've been down in the dumps lately, for reasons I'd rather keep than blog about.
I know this isn't the first time I lost my appetite on a lot of things, including food, dining and travel - which was the primary reason why this blog has been inactive for a couple of weeks. I'm just feeling like..BLAH - uninspired, ugly, fat and boring. Not to worry, I am THIS moody.

As I am waiting for my mood to shift, let me share with you an afternoon I spent going back to UP AyalaLand Technohub. I went there because I really missed Mister Kebab's keema and yogurt shake. I used to eat here a lot when I was still working within the vicinity. Mister Kebab has been my go-to-place whenever my ex-officemates were fed up with the usual KFC.
Mister Kebab- Technohub branch
My first Mister Kebab experience was actually at their West Avenue branch (circa 2009) and I think that was also my first time trying the Persian/Indian cuisine, I soon realized that Persian cuisine isn't just about shawarmas. hehe. I specially love their steaming white rice with butter on top coupled with their savory keema (traditional Indian meat dish), with grilled tomatoes and refreshing cold yogurt shake on the side.

If you're a bit adventurous, you can try their ox-brain or beef liver dishes, or you can just stick to the usual chelo kebab specialty.

Mister Kebab's sizzling keema
Shawarma plate with pita bread
Yogurt Shake
After Mister Kebab I tried Cafe Breton's Original Sin crepe  (apple, caramel ice cream, caramel syrup, walnuts and whipped cream) and Café Leigeois (pronounced as Leej*wah - cold espresso with coffee ice cream) , which in retrospect was a bad idea because not only was it ridiculously overpriced, it just added a lot of extra pounds on my body.

Original Sin

Café Leigeois in caramel and chocolate
Gah. I shouldn't have eaten all of those. I can still sense that caramel ice cream lingering in by fat belly.
I'm such a pig! Arg. 


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