Celebrating the Colors of Summer at Kiss the Cook Cafe

In a few weeks time I'll be permanently saying goodbye to my current job and will be facing a whole new working environment somewhere in Ortigas. Everything came in a blur, all I can remember is me just browsing for vacancies, figuring it wouldn't cost me anything to try applying for other jobs. Its no secret that there's a certain discontent starting to grow within me towards graphic designing in general, don't worry, I'm not totally changing careers (nothing too drastic), let's just say I'm adding new skills to my repertoire. God knows I needed something new, and yeah, the idealistic side of me still wants something more.

The universe has been really good to me by giving me great opportunities. Aside from this new work, I will also be going back to school to learn web design (yipee!). We'll know by the start of April if I'll be able to handle everything,  but for now I just want to celebrate all of the great things that's been happening to me lately. And for those who's familiar with this blog and my personality, I bet you saw this coming: - the best way to celebrate is by eating good food!

For today's lunch  I went to Kiss the Cook Cafe along Maginhawa Street in Diliman. I saw this way back last November when my family and I were looking for Pino Resto- Bar and had since then listed it to my to-go places. Honestly I thought restaurants along Maginhawa cost less, but I was taken aback when our bill summed up to P1,045. Jeez, the cost of dining out eh? Blame it on the other Maginhawa restaurants for making me realize that good food doesn't need a hefty price tag.

Passionfruit cooler (P80 1 lt pitcher
One of KTC's best-sellers, a tall, cold pitcher of freshly squeezed passion fruit juice from Lucban. I've never had passion fruit before, and the taste is somewhat like a mix of sweet pomelo and mango juice, such a perfect summer drink! Crisp, cool, sweet and refereshing!

Crabstick Mango Spring Rolls (P165)
Kani, Mango and other veggies wrapped in rice paper served with viniagrette on the side. Crabmeat and mango is such a great combination isn't it? In majority, I like food combined with mangoes, pineapple or other citrus fruits. It just cleans my palette and greatly gives me the feeling of summer. I think its the alfalfa that gave this dish an additional minty crunch. A perfect summer appetizer.

Bibimbap (P275)
Bibimbap is a Korean rice dish topped with kimchi, vegetables and beef. The beef was sweet and tender it just melts in your mouth. This dish is healthy too, I might add.

Cream Dory with Tom Yum Sauce (P225)
The ginger was very evident in KTC's tom yum sauce.It's not spicy as you would initially think when you hear tom yum. I personally love the contrast in texture of the pan-fried fish (crunchy on the outside and soft inside) and the creamy sauce.

Truffette (P180)
This is probably the most complicated dessert I've ever had (in a good way)! Chocolate ice cream ball covered in cocoa I suppose, split midway so two cherries can be inserted into it, and served on a martini glass with Bailey's at the bottom. There's also a surprise core when you reach the center of that ball- vanilla ice cream and another cherry! I'd have to give this a standing ovation just for all the effort that's been put into it.

Creme Brulee (P120)
Just your regular creme brulee, or in native's tongue - an upside down leche flan. hehe.

The aroma and flavors of what we consumed that day just screams summer, isn't it? The colors are also lovely and vibrant. Good enough food for me to accept the slightly steep price of it all. The restaurant itself exudes a laid-back, almost-summer, homey feel perfect for the dishes they served us. I love how they incorporated traditional and native furniture to the mix. I have always love filipino-inspired architecture and design, and combining it with summer-inspired food choices? Its to die for. Mapapa-kiss the cook ka talaga! Haha.

KTC's interior

Kiss the Cook Cafe
59 Maginhawa St., UP Village, Diliman, Quezon City
(Its not exactly #59, you have to walk just a bit more to reach the actual restaurant.)


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