Life's a Trip

22. Go to Pampanga and eat sisig!

-a kapampangan dish originally made from chopped parts of a pig’s head — ears, snout, the brain, etc. Over the years it was reinvented into simple minced meat served on a sizzling platter with chili, liver, onion and seasoned with calamansi and vinegar;

-a famous "pulutan" or beer companion.hahaha

Why not try make your Pampanga trip more special by....

 seeing the annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta in Clark Field, Pampanga!

I have to admit it was pretty cool eating my fill of sisig while the air-jets are buzzing over my head, but the hot and humid weather in Clark totally killed it for me. I promise to return only when I have enough money to actually ride in those hot air balloons. 
One of my classmates in college, Don, was able to ride one of them for his work (Read it here). That lucky bastard! 

I'm actually considering changing careers. I think I've been in graphic designing far too long, and my once passion towards it has now dwindled into a comfortable routine.I'm looking for something, preferably something that will marry food and travel into the mix.

It's time to shake things up, I say. 
I think I'll watch Eat Pray Love again for inspiration.


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