Food Trip 29: Elbert's Cheesesteak

 Leave it to the rich people to make a food court feel( not to mention cost) like an upscale restaurant. Haha. OAP absolutely loves Elbert's Cheesesteak, which is located at the basement of Power Plant Mall in Rockwell. Since my mom and I wanted to check out the Moonlit Bazaar at Rockwell tent, leave it to me (haha) to put one of the  foodies favorite into our itinerary.
The Power Plant's food court is unlike any other food courts I've been to. I normally hate dining at food courts for a couple of reasons: 
1) There's just too many people! Kids running around, worse crying..Teenagers playing at a nearby TimeZone or Worlds of Fun..couples displaying excessive public display of affection..and the list goes on.
2) food selections there are common and sooo boring
3) There's just too much NOISE and commotion from people passing by for me to actually enjoy what I'm eating. 

Power Plant is different. Well there's still that noise from those who pass by, but you will somehow not notice it because they have a pianist and a violinist playing relaxing tunes. A very nice touch for any dining experience. 

 They also have at the middle isle various food stalls selling different delicacies, sweets and pastries for Christmas. I enjoyed all the free food taste I got just by walking along that food court strip. Haha.  

And another thing, the food selections are very interesting. Take Elbert's Cheesesteak for example. I'm not sure if up until now they are the only food place that serve cheesesteaks in the Metro, but I think its safe to say they are the forerunners for serving that thinly sliced beef with melted cheese on a hoagie roll, or as most commonly known as the Philly cheesesteak.

Provolone Cheesesteak (P310)
American Cheddar Cheesesteak (P240)
The beef strips are undeniably tender, and there were a lot of sweet caramelized onions on the whole thing. The provolone has a much milder flavor than the cheddar, but both's good. My only concern was the hoagie bread was quite tough. Though I was really loving the tender beef, my jaws were still working hard to chow the bread down, which by closer inspection is a whole wheat bread. Maybe next time I can choose the regular round bun instead of a hoagie roll.

 You can get large-cut fries and drinks on the side by adding P80.I love how the fries stay crisp even after a few hours. They serve it on these cute paper cones, so its something different. Nothing special for the drinks.

My mom gave up on one cheesesteak, but being the voracious eater that I am, haha, I would have to say the serving's good enough. Its a man's manly meal, with the U.S.D.A. beef and tons of onions. I can see Elbert's being the perfect food choice after a nice testosterone-filled sports game, or that thursday-sports night with a bunch of your of male barkada.

Elbert's Cheesesteak
Basement, Power Plant Mall Food Court
Rockwell Center


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