Food Trip 27: Pino Resto Bar

Food blogging can get really expensive, I admit. There are a few things that I do in order to maximize my eating-out whims.

First is I always make sure that I have a dutch date, whether it be with a friend or a relative. With that I only have to spend for the food that I eat, but I get to taste twice (or more, depending on how many friends I'm tagging along) of what's on the menu. I get twice the food, twice the pictures which makes it a better deal especially when I'm food blogging. Dining's also fun if I'm dining with my closest friends and family.

Second is I always try to marry my to-do's with going to a new restaurant. For example, for special occasions I make it a point to bring my loved-ones to a restaurant I've been dying to try. I get to celebrate AND blog about it at the same time. I also get to experience a whole new gastronomic adventure with them, making it more memorable. And that was exactly my agenda tonight.
 It's my mom's birthday,so I brought my family at Pino Resto Bar in Teacher's Village (sinusuyod ko ang Maginhawa-Sikatuna-Teacher's Village area, hehe).

Pino restaurant was awarded with Quezon City's best Restaurant Innovators this 2010, and one can see why when dining there. A lot have been calling their menu a fusion or twist, for they have created a new approach for those filipino dishes we've come to love. You will see what I'm talking about soon enough.

Pino Ka Platter 1 (Lumpia with raspberry sauce, calamares, chicken lollipop, fries and longganisa in lemongrass skewers)
I recommend that lumpia with raspberry sauce, but I think you'll enjoy Platter 2 more with the sisig tacos and cheese and taco balls.

Kare Kareng Bagnet (4 Sharing: P550)
Tuna Shitake Pasta (P165)
Laing-Stuffed Crispy Pata (P365)

Vegan moist chocoate cake (P70) Is it because I'm not a vegan that I totally abhor this dessert? I swear it tasted like wet carton (Don't ask me why I know how wet carton taste like.)
Pino Iced Tea (P35 glass/ P80 pitcher) My mom said it tasted like they used sugar cane as the sweetener
As for the place the first thing that will catch your attention is their doodle wall, which greatly reminded me of Gail's drawings. hehe. And if I'm not mistaken, she also drew something like this in their family's food business place in Cavite.

The place really looks contemporary, up to how the food is created and presented. But unlike other modern architecture, Pino was still able to maintain the cozy feel and ambience.

Pino also houses the Pipino Vegetarian Food on the second floor, its like a whole different restaurant above.

I overheard a conversation between the waitress and a customer regarding the Pipino food choices. The waitress said that it was prohibited to bring food from Pino bar to the Pipino upstairs , but you can order any Pipino food from Pino. I don't really get why there was such a rule. I'm guessing vegetarian food is sensitive and doesn't want to be around that evil meat as much as possible. LOL.

Pino Resto Bar
39 Malingap St., Teachers Village
Quezon City, Metro Manila


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