Something Political.

Normally I would let stuff like this pass, but the thought's been bugging me that I just feel like I need to say something.

First off, I was never a political person. Yes, this statement is coming from someone who came from a university known for having outspoken and willful people. I try to steer clear of issues which I know I have no FULL knowledge or background of,  including politics, religion, history and the likes, of course in fear of being branded as being one-sided, ignorant or just plain judgmental. In truth, I hate it when people demonstrate rallies on the streets. Its funny that their constant cry is oust her, oust him, change this, change that, but when asked for an alternative solution, they have none. Some of them are fighting a war based on here-say too, they are dying to kick someone out of office and elect a new one, but when someone new comes along, they instantly criticizes him or her, and the vicious cycle goes on.

I am more appalled by issues revolving religion. Now that is something that icks me MORE than our local politics. I try to keep my opinions to myself since we all have our personal faith and beliefs, which may not necessarily be similar to others. I try to respect that difference, in hopes that other people will respect mine too. But you know what, some people just don't have a clue.

One of my co-workers has been asking me to attend one of their church activity. I, of course, always respectfully declines. One day we were talking (translated):

Me: You live alone right? Don't you get lonely living alone? I once lived alone in college and it sometimes get pretty lonely for me.
Him: No, because I have a secret.
Me: (*thought* Uh oh, I already know where this conversation was heading)
Him: I have the secret (the secret he was saying refers more to a solution, or answer) to never feel lonely even if you are alone, so you can feel content even without money or friends. That's why I'm inviting you this Saturday. If you attend, you'll never feel lonely again.

Am I the only person who feels there's something wrong with that conversation?

I know my thoughts can definitely be rebutted by a million people out there, but sue me then. Just like you, I have my own beliefs:

Religion exists because of one thing: fear. It's not a bad thing really, as humans, its quite understandable. We go to church every Sunday because we believe that by doing so our souls will be saved from the fiery pits of hell. We follow religious doctrines because we want salvation. We rely on God because we are afraid we might not make it out of our personal struggles and having that thought that God is there with you through times of troubles, well, it gets really comforting, doesn't it?

But religion is never absolute. That's why there's so many religion to choose from, each and every one promises to save you, to give you salvation, ultimately, to address your fears. I just find it very hypocritical to strut around telling everybody that your strong, or very able, because of your religious view. I've yet to meet someone who approaches me and tells me the opposite, someone who admits that he is weak that's why he believes. (If there's such, I would probably join that group).

Religion is also man made, so it can never be the whole Truth. If you claim that your religion is the only way to salvation, its like saying that other religions are crap. That's why discrimination lives today. That's why there's war and misunderstanding. That's why there's the divide. Some people just go to the extremes of fighting for what they believe in, to the point that they forget the very thing that God wants us to uphold: love and peace. I call that blind faith.

This is not a berate towards God, I myself believe in God, let me make that clear. I just hate it when some people think they are better off than the rest because of what they believe in. Who are we to tell that our way is the only or right way? That what you have should be followed by the rest just because you feel safe within its confine? To say that the rest is lonely because we don't share the same faith?

Oh well, it really all boils down to faith, on what you choose to stand firmly for. Kudos to you, my officemate for finding your life's answers in your religion. Just don't think I'll attend one of your church meetings.


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