Photo Dump

Nautical Look
anchor Tee from SM, ripped acid wash jeans, red shoes from Rockwell Bazaar, Merona blue nautical blazer, random red belt, blue laptop tote bag also from Rockwell Bazaar and white cube shades. I MATCH OUR SOFA AND FLOOR. hahaha!
I believe I know how to dress well. My sister and I got it from our mom, who up until now knows how to stand out from the crowd. Being, and wanting to be different is the common thing you will see within the three of us, we'd rather be weird than be common. We enjoy going to thrift shops, specialty stores, bazaars - places wherein you can find unique pieces. Yes, we do have a lot of bags, shoes and clothes in the house, but what's a girl to do?? hehe.
My interest in fashion reached incredible heights ever since I went back to Manila after college. I guess it's the city vibe, which I had somewhat forgotten living in the jungles of Laguna for 5 years. Now I'm back in the city full time, there's definitely no stopping my return to the fashion world.
I guess that image is my style, more laid back (Laguna still left something within me) but with unique angles here and there.I always go with comfort, that's why I never wear high heels (there are still things I wouldn't do for fashion, hehe). I'm also glad that my current job requires no uniform, thus I can be as free as I want when it comes to what I wear.
Wearing something that I know looks good on me also boosts my self-esteem. Never ever under-estimate the power of dressing well, people, especially here in the city. How you present yourself to the world helps in determining how the world will treat you back. Of course inner beauty also counts, but wearing something beautiful can definitely bring it up a notch.

Food Find: Ritz Bits Cheese Cracker Sandwiches (P69)
It was a bad idea making my officemates judges on my food find quest. Everything I bring taste like heaven to them. Haha! It makes no difference whether it be imported stuff or just simply Baconettes, they'll munch it all down - FAST. So I'll just content myself with taking pictures and tasting my food finds for the meantime, until I find someone who will share my excitement towards trying something new. Here's my current find: Ritz Bits. If you happen to know Combos, then you already know what this one tastes like. I love the resealable container and how bite size each sandwiches are, you can definitely bring this treat anywhere.

Brothery Love
My nephews are staying here at the house for the weekend. Those two spell chaos. The older one, RV often gets into trouble in his kindergarten class because of naughtiness. The younger one, RX, eats a LOT that he would often throw a tantrum whenever we tell him to stop eating. Just this dinner his mom told us he ate one burger steak meal, one burger, one jolly hotdog, one spaghetti meal and one medium-sized DQ Blizzard ice cream.
Anyway, they were about to take a shower when they started hitting each other. The older one hit the younger one in the eye, and in return the younger one hit his older brother multiple times in the face. Both started crying afterwards, and more so when my brother (their dad) spanked them.
During the whole commotion I was playing with my camera, and I couldn't help but take snapshots, I just can't stop laughing when their mom was coaxing them to kiss and make up, which they did apparently.
Crying after their fight, both are butt naked. Haha. (RX on the left and RV on the right)
Kiss and Make up, hahaha!
I can't imagine having two rascals like these two, I will definitely lose my mind. haha. Kudos to my brother and his wife for making it this far.


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