We mothers wear a lot of hats...and with everything going on - from taking care of the children and our homes to nurturing a professional career - its so easy for us to get lost, lonely, frustrated, exhausted..and the list goes on!

I know I am not alone in this crazy journey, if you found me - chances are you are too!

I hope this place will inspire and motivate like-minded moms who are in the same boat as me - towards finding our purpose, maintaining balance and achieving fulfillment - while still being the best moms we can be!

July 3rd blabs.

I still don't feel like I'm turning 23 tomorrow. What do old people feel when they get older anyway? In my head and in my heart I still feel as young as I was when I was still in college. When I look in the mirror I still see the same girl I was a year, or even two years back, the only difference maybe are the tattoos and the jobs I got after. I guess it's true that age is just a number, and with that resolution I'm shrugging all the thoughts of aging and grandparents away.
This year would probably the only year I'll be celebrating my birthday without a grand plan in my head. My office mates and I originally wanted a stag party, but who would have thought that renting girls who'll strip naked for our party would cost THAT MUCH and that hard to find? Its preposterous! We opted to just pick up anyone from the streets, but at times like this, you never know what kind of scrupulous people are out there. So here I am, with no plan at hand on what I REALLY WANTED to do tomorrow, or who I wanted to share my birthday with - and that, my readers, is another classic downside of  being single. Haha. But seriously, I'm having no regrets in that department. I'm really treasuring my single-blessedness by focusing more on my work, my family and my dog. Probably I'm at the stage wherein I'd rather focus on my career than anything else.

Sigh. What to do, what to do tomorrow?
I don't want to get drunk like last year. I'm in no mood to party the night away. I don't want another tattoo as of the moment and I'm too lazy to take another road and food trip, like what I always do.


I AM GETTING OLD!!! How did I get so boring all of a sudden!!!!!??!!


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