I don't feel well. T.T

I've been bedridden since yesterday morning due to flu. Again. I know I was about to get it when I went home with a massive headache and aching body parts. I debated on still going to work but I know I can't bear taking a bath anymore, so I just slept the whole day and whole night yesterday. Today I just try to get up to eat and go to the bathroom, but other than that I just slept, the whole day. I wasn't even able to go online in fear of barfing everything out. Boy, did I get lucky. Aside from the normal flu symptoms like aching body, splitting headache, and high fever, I also have runny nose and phlegm-full of cough.

Sigh. I seriously don't feel well.
A hug, and maybe a hot mami from Jonas, would definitely make me feel a whole lot better. :'(


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