We mothers wear a lot of hats...and with everything going on - from taking care of the children and our homes to nurturing a professional career - its so easy for us to get lost, lonely, frustrated, exhausted..and the list goes on!

I know I am not alone in this crazy journey, if you found me - chances are you are too!

I hope this place will inspire and motivate like-minded moms who are in the same boat as me - towards finding our purpose, maintaining balance and achieving fulfillment - while still being the best moms we can be!


Keeping passion at bay or surrendering blindly to it - which of these two attitudes is the least destructive? I don't know.
Eleven Minutes, Paulo Coehlo

This is the moment that I've been dreading, the moment when I know that this could be it. Yes, I am scared, for I know I'll get hurt one way or another, or fate is finally laying its vengeful claw upon me for all the people I've hurt during THAT period of my life,but I can't make my heart halt, I can't make the tide stop. You, for some reason, has awakened something within me that I never thought I'll feel again.
I don't know. This is crazy, the fact that I've been with you for just only a few days. I can feel the resistance crumbling down around me. I'm trembling with fear. I feel like I'm torn naked with all of these emotions exposed. I want to run away, like I did with the others, but the thought of losing you, not being with you, is far,far, far more terrifying than being hurt again. I know I'm hurling myself into another potential heartbreak, but after almost two years, I'm willing to risk it once more.
Today, I've decided, no matter how unsure I am about you, about us, I'm going to surrender everything. Yes, I might get hurt after this, but it doesn't matter anymore. I'm surrendering myself to this whirlwind. I'm surrendering myself to you.


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