Hodge Podge v.o. 1

Have you seen the moon last night? I was on my way to Gateway to satisfy my Burger King craving when I noticed a lot of people looking up the sky. I looked up too and much to my surprise and amazement I saw a crescent-shaped moon with a star on top of it. Later that night I learned it was actually the Venus planet that was on top of the moon. What's more interesting is it mimicks the Islam symbol. (I wonder if the Muslim find it as some kind of premonition or a sign of an impending doom) A lot of my Facebook friends started posting stuff about it, on how romantic or mystical it is, but in all honesty, the first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was the cartoon character Sailor Moon. hehe. FYI, that's the sign on her forehead when she transforms from a normal girl to Sailor Moon.
Wait, so does that mean Sailor Moon's muslim??
Pixel and I just got back from Camp Aguinaldo for our usual morning stroll. The problem with where I live are there are a lot of wild dogs roaming around freely on our streets (they own the roads at night time, I tell you), that's why I tend to ride the tricycle whenever I bring Pixel somewhere. So we did for the whole 5 blocks, but instead of sitting inside, we sat at the back of the tricycle driver. Pixel didn't get scared, instead, using the driver's back for support, he enjoyed the trip standing up on his two hind legs. My little daredevil!
I just got a renewed sense of vigor towards photography after attending our AE PhotoClub's first workshop yesterday. Jay Alonzo was our mentor, one of the renowned professional photographers in the country. I'm glad I joined that club, and I'm looking forward to our next sessions, which I think involves photo-walks around Binondo, Manila Bay and other photographic locations in the Metro. Its been a long time since I got excited about something. Later I'll be buying a Cokin polarizer to pimp out my camera. I just can't wait to shoot more stuff. I'm feeling energized, inspired and happy lately. Life is definitely looking up for me!


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