High School High

Half of my day was spent with my friends watching Eugene Domingo's Here Comes The Bride and eating Wham Burgers at SM North. The movie was definitely no-brainer, but we really, really had a good laugh. The movie was just so DARN FUNNY! Some people may call it baduy, but what the heck! At times like this when your mind is stressed from work, who needs complicated movies anyway? I'll gladly watch it again if I had the chance. :) I still can't get over some of the scenes from the movie. Epic, LOL!
Anyway, today was really  a good day, since I've spent some quality time with my long time friends, plus
Work is turning out to be good (I was just awarded the Army of One-Best in Productivity last month), I'm having fun with my friends, I'm spending quality time with my family and Pixel, I'm starting to embark on new experiences...so I can't complain. Life's good so far. Romance-less yes, but steady and uncomplicated, probably something that I need right now.


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