Food Trip # 15: Bigby's Cafe

My dad's back!!! ! But now he's gone again. hehe. It's only for the first two weeks of October. We know he was coming, but we didn't know when exactly. He came buzzing on our front gate around 4am of October 2. It was my grandmom who opened the gate and it was also her shrieks that woke the rest of us that faithful dawn.

This blog actually has been on my drafts  for quite some time now, but since I've been busy with so many things lately, and hell everything's been so C-R-A-Z-Y, I didn't had the time to write anything until now. I have dined in a lot of new places these past months too, so my food blog list is already piling up, thus I really need to get on crackin!

Going back, we dined at Bigby's Cafe at MegaMall Atrium the day after my dad surprised us with his arrival. Bigby's Cafe was first established in Cagayan De Oro. The concept of this restaurant is adventure, the word "food trip" literally,  which weirdly reminds me of the movie Indiana Jones, hehe. This is reflected on their menu inspired by cuisines around the world, as well as the feel of the whole restaurant- knick knacks and pictures reminiscent of countries like Egypt, Africa, Australia etc.I fell in love with their light box fixtures on the ceiling which by closer inspection are simply made of old magazines.Very ingenious!

Blossoming Spinach Dip (P210)
My sister's been obsessed with spinach dips ever since her Spinach and artichoke fondue experience at Cyma almost a year ago. That's why we always have a spinach dip appetizer when she's around. This dish is made from baked mozarella, parmesan and spinach, served with baguette toasts on the side. My sister said she still prefered Cyma's because this one's a bit bland compared to the fondue.

Food Trip Platter (P369)
If you're an indecisive diner like us on that particular day, the best bet will always be the platter meals. This one's a bunch of Bigby's best-selling appetizers such as the Tijuana quesadillas (flour tortillas with mozarella fillings), Dippy Doodle Doo (golden chicken strips with honey mustard sauce), Chili Flappers (marinated and glazed chiken wings served with sweet chili sauce) and barbecue flavored fries. The food's good and serving's acceptable, but there wasn't any particular dish which stood out.

Fisherman's Catch (P680)
This one's the Bigby's seafood sampler platter-with a big hunk of tortilla-crusted dory fish, squiggly rings (calamares), two sticks of fire-grilled boomerang shrimps served with rice. The shrimp kebabs were really good I would have to say but that's about it. The rest are deep fried and batter coated, much like their appetizers, so for sure you will easily get that "umay" feeling.

The real infamous dish at Bigby's that must be tried by every serious foodistas out there is their Titanic Treat-forty scoops of ice cream with mounds of fruits, brownies, chocolate chips, cookies and many more! Too bad we didn't order this one because we were full enough as it is with our prior meals. But to satisfy everyone's curiosity, here's a picture of the titanic I saw over  the net:Gaaa! I swear this year will not end without me trying that dish! Itaga nyo yan sa bato!!!

For the verdict:
 Two thumbs up for the very attentive and friendly crew. There was one crew who kept on asking us and even chatted with my mom there. Another good thing is this place has wifi connectivity, so I was able to try out the new phone my dad gave me.
The food's ok, but there's really not much to look forward to in terms of food, aside from the Titanic treat I think.
The place really has a good concept, which I think best suits the barkada category. If you and your friends are dying to go on a food trip adventure but don't want to sweat it all out, Bigby's can be a good alternative for you and your barkada's adventurous hunger pangs.

Caught in the act! That's my sister practicing her "bili-mo ko" capabilities on our father. hehe.

Bigby's Cafe @ Restaurant Manila Branch
SM MegaMall Atrium
Ortigas Center


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