Food Trip # 10: Halo Heavenly D'Lites

Nesvita Cereal drink is taking a toll on my health, but just like a drug, I just can't seem to get enough of it!
I can sense that my body's starting to rally against that quick drink, so before I start dying I decided to indulge myself in a more healthier option. Good thing I was watching ETC's Chill Spot rerun that moment. Their topic was about healthy food restaurants and luckily, they featured one organic restaurant which was so near where I was: Halo Heavenly D'Lites at Cubao Expo!
I never really liked Cubao Expo when I was younger, I used to pass that place on my way home from my elementary school. I don't like it because of the dilapidated structures and scrupulous people that inhibit the place. They did try to improve Cubao Expo a few years ago by introducing new stores but the memory of the old one is so ingrained on my mind that I can't seem to find affinity for it, even after all the efforts.
Anyway, I needed some good, wholesome food so I went with my mom and sister.
It's been a few years since I saw the place.
I noticed that the people have improved, there's a lot of musicians and artists there now. Some stores are even dedicated to arts and music. Halo in fact had made their interior as some sort of art gallery, with paintings (which you can buy) and unique knick knacks on top of the shelves.

The place is not big, with a few mismatched chairs and tables, as well as hand written notices. The ambience is very laid back, more like that of a cafe. There was one person there who was all curled up in one corner of the restaurant reading a book. Everything gave me the impression that this place was really trying to be called a diamond in the rough.

Cafe Latte, mango and chocolate shakes (P50 each)
I know, they all look the same. hehe. The coffee they claim is organically grown. The mango had some soya milk in it so it tasted like ice cream. They use organic sweetener so all of the drink options are safe for diabetics and the health conscious. I was surprised with the price too because I know organic food costs more than the regular one.

Halo Special Pasta (P110)
This pasta consists of malunggay noodles, tomato, malunggay bits, chicken and tuna squares. It tastes so good I tell you! You can't tell that it has malunggay in it. The serving was huge too, twice the amount of pasta served in Bean Hub.

Tuna Pastel Pasta (P85)
A dish with whole wheat pasta, organic carrots, whole milk and tuna fish that they say came straight from Gen San.  Seriously, an organic pasta with tons of tuna (real, not the canned type) for only P85? Can you get any better than that?

Vegetarian Burger (P85)
 Burger patty made from organic banana pulp, with organic lettuce, tomato and soya mayo sandwiched between whole wheat bread. No wonder this is their best-seller! Trust me, its like the real thing, but way healthier. I actually want another one right now..:s

Mashed potato (P50)
It's organic potatoes with fresh herbs(though I didn't see any) and butter milk. Not a big fan of this one because its bland and coursely mashed.

Too bad they ran out of desserts. I heard that their Bohol Ube Jam (P50) is really good.

For the verdict: 
Organic food which are affordable and taste so good. Wow right? We paid just a little bit under 500 so all's good.
 Halo is a nice, cozy place which will satisfy any hunger and artistic pangs. I really don't feel guilty and bloated after pigging out here, seriously, I feel like I'm light as an angel in heaven.

Click here for their menu list.

Halo Heavenly D'Lites
Cubao Expo, Araneta Center
Cubao, Quezon City


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