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Food Blog # 4: Arla

I split my time(-or life)between Laguna and Quezon City. so I guess its only proper for me to also feature that other side of my life, so to speak.
I do love Los Banos! There are in fact a couple of really good restaurants here too, unlike what other people think.
So for today's lunch we went to Arla. The place is not new by the way. It's just that it was my first time to eat there.
LB's Arla Restaurant

It's not hard to find since its located along the national highway. They have ample parking space in front, which makes this place perfect for parties and get-togethers.

What I love about restaurants outside Manila is that most of them have gardens, just like this one. And I appreciate Arla for putting real flowers on each table. You can also see the fresh herbs outside which the restaurant probably use for cooking. You see, those little things can make a big difference. :)

I'm not sure if there are different rooms at Arla because the place where we were seated was a bit small, with just about 5-6 tables.But it was really bright and it has air-conditioning, so I'm not complaining.The place has this backyard patio-feel (or maybe it was really a patio?). The decor is very Filipino, with the woven chairs, rattan lamps and wooden vases. Even their menus were paper-made. I'm a sucker for local furniture so definitely plus points for that.

They give you this complementary tarragon tea for starters. I'm not a big fan of hot teas, but hey, complementary stuff is always a good thing, right? :)

Much of the food I've ordered were out of stock like the fish, humus and cheesecake. I don't know if its just too early or if it was really just a bad day/wrong timing, but the waiter was very apologetic so I forgive them.

We ordered the grilled quesadillas(P100) for appetizers. It's just cheese and basil wrapped inside a flat bread with tomato dip. The basil was a tad too much but was still very delicious.:)

For the main course we ordered the soy chicken (P189) and the steak (P195). Let me just say that I have never tasted such tender pieces of meat in my whole life! You literally don't need a knife because the meat just falls right off the bones and breaks apart. The meal also includes a very delicious mango-grape salad on the side.
The portions are huge so I'd have to say the price is reasonable enough.
Oh, The rice is not included in the meal, so you have to buy it separately for P20(jasmine rice) or P30(brown rice).

I was a little bit disappointed when dessert time came because they only have leche flan(P65)available, so I settled for that.Nothing really special with this one.

But here's where it gets ugly. They have a 10% service charge. I hate service charges. See that face?

Anyway, for my verdict: The price is reasonable, given the huge portions.In fairness, we were really full after our meal. I even have left-over chicken to spare. But like Heaven N' Eggs, Arla charge 10% for the service, which in my opinion is very unreasonable and mean. Why do they have to charge the service they give us any way?  Isn't that supposed to be part of the deal already when you eat outside? Tsk.
But all in all, Arla is a satisfying experience. A fitting substitute for those elbi people who wants a break from Joe's or other food establishments located near or at Grove.
Arla Restaurant
5024 National Highway
Maahas LB, Laguna


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