Food Blog # 2: Butter Diner

This place commanded a lot of attention with its opening a few years ago, being featured at numerous TV shows, online blogs and newspapers. I remember seeing it when it had just opened but I wasn't able to try it then.
So today I decided to go and try their food.
Butter Diner is of course patterned from the diners common in the US. The food is also what you can expect from a real diner: cheeseburgers, waffles, sodas, beers, and steaks. But this particular version at the Araneta Center was designed to be a bit more upscale than the typical diner.
When you enter this place, the 50s theme is very evident with waitresses wearing the standard diner-waitress frocks, walls covered top to bottom with pictures of Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn etc and old posters from the 50s. They even have retro appliances and knick knacks like toasters and mini-jukeboxes.They also have a cool comic wall telling the whole Butter Diner history. Their paper placemats are small replicas of that wall so you don't have to stare at the wall to read the comic strip.

Hm. How can I put this lightly..
Before, the place seemed so enticing, I can even recall their waitresses wearing white afro wigs.But now, everything looks so shabby and dirty; like it had been neglected. The air conditioning unit as well as their ceiling looks filthy, the menu tattered and their waiters tired and uninterested. Yes, real diners are like that if you really think about it, but as I've said, this one was made to cater to a more urbanized crowd(its located at the center of the Araneta Center, for heaven's sake!). Maybe I was just expecting a bit more, given all the positive reviews I have read about them.

So for the food:

 We ordered rootbeer floats to stay true with the diner theme. The taste is nothing special, in fact, it tasted exactly like the one we made for Christmas last year. The price is about 70?, which in my opinion is reasonable enough.Pwede na.

I ordered the All-American burger with fries. Let me just say that the fries were overdone. The burger was OK, but I tasted better burgers before, specifically the Wham burgers(Oh how I love Wham!) or even Burger King. This costs about 130+, still reasonable because of its huge burger patty.

My sister ordered macaroni and cheese. It tasted nothing like macaroni and cheese! Hello, that's not even macaroni but penne! All we were able to savor was this vegetable-like taste reminiscent of our mother's cooking. I hate it actually, so its price (100+?) was  quite unreasonable.

 The fries are just the type that you can buy at any grocery store. Again, I tasted better fries than that. KFC offers much more I believe.

So for my verdict: Their food is affordable, and definitely plus points for the cool retro theme. But I think you're better off eating at Wendy's(there's a Wendy's branch just a couple of steps from Butter Diner). Maybe the diner's breakfast menu is better, I'd have to go there again and give this place a chance to redeem itself.

* Butter Diner
G/F Shopwise Arcade
Araneta Center


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