Food Blog # 1: Chaikofi-The Concept Cafe

Instead of staying at home and cursing the whole world because I'm dateless this Valentines Day, I decided to go out and date myself.
Well, I'm not exactly alone. My mom and sister went with me too because they needed to pick up a dress for my sister's upcoming prom.
So the three of us headed to Galleria a little after lunch hour, ditching two things:
a) my second cousin's birthday pool party and
b)my high school friends at Trinoma

Anyway, this blog isn't really about me but about Chaikofi Cafe where we had our merienda.
I think I'll turn this site into a food blog, since I love food and I like writing about food. So from now on, I'll go around the Metro and try to discover new (or even old) places to eat, then I'll share my experiences with you like a guide of some sort!

So going back, we had our merienda at Chaikofi.

That's my mom and lil sis

What I like about this place is it's ingenious layout, a true stand-out. They literally don't have a ceiling but they do have walls that divide the customers from the outside world.
I also like their color scheme: everywhere you look its black and yellow(yellow cab?haha), even the crew is wearing the same palette.

I also fell in love with their light fixtures and the vases which were hanging by the window. Everything is very modern, but they were still able to maintain its cozy ambiance.

Their specialties are teas, coffees and paninis, as I found out after looking at their menu.  In fact, chai means tea and kofi is of course coffee. They also have pasta and rice for those who want to have a heavy meal.

We didn't have to wait long for the food to come, so I'm giving them plus points for that. The crew was also very nice, but not smiling.

For drinks, I ordered the Son of a Dutch Frappe while my mom and sister ordered the Four seasons and Pomelo Tea.
The frappe was around 130+ while the teas are about 70php, very reasonable and very delish. And oh, they have these VERY COOL and CHIC tall glasses! Look!

For our food:

That's my Crab sensation sandwich, about 150+. It's just crab meat, onion, cucumber, lettuce and cheese between two slices of whole wheat bread, with some chips on the side. A bit pricey for a single sandwich, but very delicious.

 That's my mom's tuna sandwich, also around 150+. Nothing special about it but still very pricey.
My tuna melt is still the best out there, I tell you!

That's my sister's baked lasagna. I didn't like this one because its very bland.
I think its about the same price as their sandwiches.

And that's their crab and mango salad. The mayo dressing is on the sour side.The mangoes are very refreshing, but the dish is still very pricey(140+) for a single serving. A serving is about a cup?pricey pricey, tsk tsk.

So for my verdict: Definitely a must-see for the coffeeholics and teaholics out there. I assume that people really go to this cafe because of their fabulous frappes, so one can live with the prices of their sandwiches. Plus we're also paying for the ambiance and the modernity of it all, I guess . It's a good place to meet with friends or to rest after a stressful shopping activity. And if your fed up with Starbucks, then you can rest easy and try this one.

To cap off this entry and my day, here's the pictures I took of Le Coeur de France's  fruit tarts,also bought at Galleria before we went home.
Have a delicious Valentines Day everyone!

* Chaikofi - The Concept Cafe
Level 2 West Wing,
Robinson's Galleria

* Le Coeur de France Bakery
Level 1 West Wing,
Robinson's Galleria


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